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The Big 5 Services

We have 5 services on offer to cover all ares of the community

Positive Effect

This is our Youth Workshop designed as a Party Safe educational program from 15 to 18 year old youth. 

This will be an ever evolving workshop with feedback from the kids themselves. Teaching them awareness and laws around alcohol nightclubs and events.

Including RSA: 

Urban Survival Solutions

If you've ever thought about how you would deal with an unexpected antisocial person as you are where you are? In the street or in the workplace.

This is the program with the solutions to these urban situations.

Practical Peacekeepers

This is an advanced Crowd Controllers training course designed to arm our Security operatives with the tools to be best prepared for all person to person conflict resolution situations.

We also supply consultation for business and events, and even the private events too.

Recovery Management Service

Are you having trouble getting your personal belongings back?

Are you dealing with someone who you can't make an agreement with?

Let us do the negotiating and planning for you. We can also support in the collection of goods on site.

Bod Habits

It's time I put health and fitness in the fun category for you.

I feel too many people think that getting healthy is all about stress and strain and they put a goal or target at the end of it.

Well guess what... Its for life not for a short term.

If you want to stay healthy, you want to do it forever, and funnily enough , the healthier you are the longer you'll be doing it!

I'm going to make this point clear & I'm going to help you enjoy it.


So …..It's also time for a new sport.

You won't have to run laps or be a CrossFit champ, just bring your guns and challenge someone your size.

Arm-wrestling tournaments coming soon to Canberra

Feeling stressed? Need to get it out? 

Why not let us help you to punch out all you physical stresses and then punch out all your mental ones with a chat with a group of friends


Try BoxfitMindfit

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