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All our services are aimed at assisting members of the community to be safer and healthier in some way, through assistance,coaching and training


*Moving into the future with Improve Quality Crowd Controllers.

*A detailed look into the duties of working at nightclubs.

*Doing the best we can to protect as Peacekeepers

*Safety first and the psychology of taking care of others

*Finding solutions to all situations

*Verbal over physical

*Ensuring a hassle free environment

Mission Statement:

To provide necessary skills that ensures identification and proper procedures when dealing with violent and high risk situations.


Crowd Controller Awareness & Communication Skills Training


To assess and identify any shortfall in crowd control guard skills, then coach & train workplace practices to a quality advanced level.


-Onsite assessment of crowd controllers.

-Supply a report to premise manages.

-Design a training session of necessary modules from the 'Practical Peacekeepers' training course.

-Follow up regarding the effect on the business.

       This would include the modules of;

      Tactical Talkdowns

      Violence Avoidance

      Understanding violent people

      Direct Impact Theory


Upskill Crowd Controllers to a level where they can identify potential threats and read people to enable conflict resolution before physical or emotional escalation occurs.

Pos Effect.JPG

This came from seeing people,18 years old make      the same mistakes year after year in nightclubs, events and partying in general.

We found we needed to start the discussion to improve the ideas about 'clubbing' or 'going out' as it is.

It's about giving them a heads up on the law, both written and unwritten, and to show an awareness of the dangers & realism surrounding alcohol and late night events.



Positive Effect Party-safe Youth Workshop


To engage teenagers in discussion about the awareness around safer partying or 'Going Out'


Gather teens around 15-18 years old in groups (school, sport,community) and have an open chat about what their view is on going out, drinking alcohol and the associated activities that surround this part of life. Then advising them on safer options based on past evidence.


Instill an awareness and understanding around partying safer in our community.

Mission Statement:

To provide an awareness to youth and their peers about the choices around safe partying.

Urban Survival solutions logo 1.JPG

Urban Survival Solutions

This is about situational awareness in self defence and the diverse solutions that come with your present surroundings.

  • How to stay calm, because you do have choices.

  • Giving yourself space and time to become aware of your surroundings

  • Negotiate in any way that gives you time

  • Being positive and confident in the outcome

  • Focusing on the direction out of the situation

  • How to deal with the post incident emotions

Mission Statement:

To provide a service that provides alternate choices around self defence in threatening situations.


Urban Survival Solutions


Self defence 'options',To teach people that they have choices in a society based threat situation.


This is a come to you service in your environment (work/community) to raise awareness and advise ways to deal with threatening situations. Using an alternative level, based o violence avoidance  & focus redirection skills. Thus people don't have to learn physical self defence techniques therefore being able to recover from such situations more effectively.


Have people understand that there are choices around threatening situations alternate ti physical self defence which will assist mentally and emotionally post incident.

Recovery Logo.JPG

Personal Effects Recovery Management Service

This service helps anyone who is in a situation where someone has an item or items of yours that you are finding it hard to access.

-Have you just split up with your partner, or settled a divorce? 

-Perhaps you finished working at a business and need to get your equipment back.

-This is where we can help.

-We will do the negotiations for you, set up a meeting, and support you on location to recover your goods.

Mission Statement:

To provide a service that amicably assists everyone involved during difficulties regarding personal property recovery.


Personal Property recovery Management Service


To assist in negotiations and support persons recovering personal items.


-Contact all parties

-Negotiate collection or repossession of personal goods in agreement including time and place of collection of goods

-Support all parties in the handover procedure

-Supply report or recording of transaction for proof.


Successfully and peacefully negotiate and amicably resolve issues concerning personal property ownership.



Once the CoV19 lockdown is over  



This is a challenging & exciting sport for all people. No matter if you're big or small, male or female, life experienced or not, you can find someone to arm-wrestle with.

We want to help that happen. 

With newly designed tables on their way this will be a great way to enjoy either spectating or participating big or small, left or right handed.   

Arm Wrestling

Boxfit Mindfit

This is a session where we have a good hit-out  to release our physical stresses and then sit down together and talk about whats happening around us and release our mental stresses.

Designed sessions for anyone who want to have a crack no matter what your experience.

Bod Habits

 As I have been playing and or coaching sports since I was 7 years old, I've come to a point where I realized that I should be doing this for a living. Considering I've been living sport and fitness my whole life.

I have seen so many people benefit from some sort of sport or fitness routine from competitive to not. I feel that I want to be a part of seeing others enjoy and benefit from learning a fit and healthy lifestyle.

From physical fitness to mental health and just making friends with a likeness for living a healthy lifestyle. Lets do this!

My main goal here is to help people find a way to make fitness and an active lifestyle, a part of their life. To rethink exercise and make it enjoyable. Your exercise goal should be for life. not for a fad.


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